Why Are On Cloud Shoes So Expensive: Full Answer

The market for running shoes is vast, with numerous options available from various brands like ASICS, Adidas, and On Cloud. With such a wide selection, it can be challenging to choose the right pair of running shoes.

Among the array of choices, you’ll notice a significant price range, from budget-friendly to high-end options. Notably, On Cloud shoes, produced by a Swiss company, stand out as one of the pricier selections. These shoes are geared towards athletes and fitness enthusiasts, but their higher price tag often raises questions.

So, why are On Cloud shoes so expensive more compared to other running and lifestyle shoes?

This article delves into key factors contributing to their cost. It offers an insightful perspective on what sets these shoes apart in terms of pricing compared to their competitors.

Why Are On Cloud Shoes So Expensive?

The answer lies in their unique CloudTec technology. This cushioning system is designed to soften the impact upon landing and provide a powerful takeoff. It boosts efficiency and speed. This technology is a game-changer for athletes, ensuring a blend of comfort and performance.

Why Are On Cloud Shoes So Expensive

Our analysis begins with the founder, Olivier Bernhard, a former professional runner. His experience and understanding of athletes’ needs have been instrumental in shaping the brand’s philosophy. His insights into athletes’ pain points have guided the development of shoes. These shoes provide comfort and enhance performance.

Moreover, we appreciate the versatility of On Cloud shoes. They are not just confined to running; their design makes them suitable for a variety of mixed-sports workouts. Their versatility is complemented by their stability and agility. This makes them a popular choice for athletes engaged in diverse sporting activities.

The construction of the shoes also plays a crucial role in their pricing. The weave pattern and mesh uppers are specifically designed to enhance breathability. This is a crucial factor during intense workouts. This thoughtful design contributes to the overall cost but also ensures a high-quality product.

If you are looking for long-distance running shoes, then On Cloud shoes are probably great. They are durable and lightweight, making them expensive.

Lastly, the ability to perform in various weather conditions is a significant advantage. This versatility ensures that the shoes remain a reliable companion regardless of the environment. It further justifies their price point.

Key Features That Make On Cloud Shoes Expensive

On Cloud shoes are famous for their unique look and how well they work. They often cost more because of a few important reasons:

Renowned brand value

The story of On Cloud begins in the picturesque landscapes of Switzerland. A revolutionary idea transformed running into an experience akin to gliding on clouds. Olivier Bernhard, an ex-runner, led On Cloud Running with David Allemann and Caspar Coppetti. They launched it in 2010.

Running in shoes that feel like soft clouds under your feet. This is the experience On Cloud aimed to provide, and they’ve successfully done so. More than 7 million runners globally have chosen their footwear. This is a testament to the brand’s impact. It’s their commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Let’s delve into their approach. On Cloud collaborates with elite athletes, such as the renowned Frederik Van Lierde, to understand the needs of top performers.

It’s crucial to ask, what makes these shoes stand out? 

The answer lies in their meticulous research. They studied the movement, pain points, and dynamics of athletes. This research-driven design process ensures that the shoes cater not just to the elite but to every runner’s needs.

Our experience in the field of running shoes tells us that people are drawn to brands with a strong reputation. On Cloud is a perfect example. Their shoes are designed based on extensive research and real-world feedback, making them a favorite in over 50 countries.

The widespread popularity of On Cloud shoes is not just about the brand name. It’s about the tangible benefits runners feel every time they lace up their On Cloud shoes.

High-Tech Shoes

On cloud High-Tech Shoes

Let’s explore CloudTec, their patented cushioning system. It’s made from Helion foam segments. They’re arranged ingeniously to reduce fatigue and possibly lower heart rates during runs. It offers tailored comfort and support for your feet.

Then there’s Cloud Five, a key player in enhancing stability on challenging terrains. Part of its magic lies in the Mission Grip sole system, a blend of CloudTec with specially engineered rubber. This combination is crucial for maintaining balance on slippery or uneven trails. It provides reliable traction where it’s needed most.

Another innovative feature is the thermoplastic polymer Speedboard. Nestled between the upper part of the shoe and the CloudTec midsole, it plays a pivotal role in energy transfer.

Here’s how it works: upon landing, the Speedboard flexes, absorbing and storing energy. As you lift your foot for the next step, this stored energy is released, propelling you forward. It’s a perfect example of efficiency in motion.

In our expert view, the price of On Cloud running shoes isn’t just for the physical product. It’s an investment in cutting-edge technology designed to enhance your running experience. These innovations are not just theoretical. They have real-world applications that benefit runners of all levels. This includes casual joggers and professional athletes.

The global acclaim and growing popularity of On Cloud nova shoes are evidence of their effectiveness. This is what makes On Cloud a leader in the world of sports footwear.

The system of speed lacing

This innovation was a key factor in On Cloud’s initial marketing as a triathlon shoe. For triathletes, every second counts. The speed lacing system shaves off precious time in transitions. However, for those who prefer a more traditional and secure fit, On Cloud also offers shoes with classic laces.

The brand’s diversity in lacing options caters to different preferences and needs. It sets the brand apart from others.

On Cloud’s running shoes are highly sought after not just by athletes but also by people who spend long hours on their feet. They are designed for comfort and ease. They are easy to put on, even without socks.

They offer cushioning, lightness, and support. This makes them ideal for distance runners. It also makes them ideal for professionals. They need sustained comfort throughout the day.

Superior Recycled Materials

Superior Recycled Materials for On cloud shoes

On Cloud’s commitment to sustainability is a cornerstone of their brand. They focus keenly on using high-quality, eco-friendly materials in their products. It’s essential to understand that superior materials often come with higher manufacturing costs.

Consider the polyester used in On Cloud footwear. A significant portion, ranging from 70% to 95%, is sourced from recycled materials, varying based on the shoe model. This is a substantial step towards environmental responsibility. Up to 100% of the heel, tongue, collar lining, laces, and sock-liners are made from recycled materials.

This commitment to nature is not just a statement but a tangible practice in their production.

The brand’s latest cushioning material showcases their innovative approach. It’s a blend of EVA and OBC foams, combining stiffer and lighter fabrics. The result?

The cushion is comfortable year-round and lighter in weight. It also offers higher energy return and performs well across a broad temperature range. This is a classic example of how innovation can enhance both performance and comfort.

Take the Cloudventure as another case in point. Its new outsole material perfectly complements the shoe’s cushioning. This design is made of sticky rubber with diamond grooves and thin lines. It ensures excellent grip in various conditions, from muddy trails to hard surfaces.

Why is everyone wearing On Cloud shoes?

On Cloud has achieved an impressive feat, emerging as the fastest-growing athletic shoe brand in the U.S. This remarkable growth can be partially credited to the brand’s global vision right from its inception. However, the true catalyst for its surging popularity lies in the unparalleled comfort and quality of its shoes.

What makes On Cloud Running shoes so special? Are They Worth It? 

On’s running shoes are designed to make your run smooth and steady. They have a quick-acting Speedboard tucked between layers of soft, bouncy Helion foam. This adds more power to every step you take. These shoes are known for their extra cushioning, giving you both great comfort and performance when you run.


As experts in footwear design, we understand the reasons behind the higher cost of On Cloud shoes compared to regular running shoes. Why are they special? Their advanced cushioning system offers better joint protection and efficiency during running. This is due to their advanced cushioning system. The difference between running on a soft track and hard concrete – that’s what On Cloud aims to replicate. 

In summary, the price of On Cloud shoes reflects their superior technology, longevity, and design. They’re not just shoes; they’re an investment in your health and comfort.

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