How To Lace Sneakers: 5 Guides To Perfectly Tied Shoes

Many people want to learn how to lace sneakers to make them more appealing. The following guide will help you make your shoes more eye-catching. Let’s find out five different ways to tie sneakers right here!

How To Lace Shoes: 5 Different Methods To Do It 

There are many different ways to lace sneakers. You can refer to the following five most applied ways.

Aesthetic method

Those who love aesthetics and eye-catching must recognize the diamond shoelace patterns. 

First, from the bottom up, insert the shoelace ends into the first row’s two eyelets.

Next, put the left string through the third eyelet, then from the bottom to the fourth eyelet of the right row. Put the line down to the second eyelet, then up to the third on the opposite row. Repeat the above steps until you reach the top.

Then, use the correct string to thread down the third eyelet and up the fourth eyelet of the left row. Then thread the string down to the second eyelet and up to the third eyelet in the right row. Continue the same steps until the end.   

Your sneaker will look stunning and aesthetics with this type of shoe lacing.

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Comfort method

If you are looking for comfort and fashion, you can refer to the straight-lacing style. 

You should begin with the same amount of lace on each side of the first eyelet.

Then, you thread the left string from the bottom to the third eyelet on the left row and straight through the opposite eyelet from the top. Thread the right lace under and up the second eyelet in the right row, then continues straight through the opposite eyelet.

Follow the directions above, switching between the right and left strings as you move. Repeat the same steps until done and knotted. 

This style is simple and loose, helping reduce the discomfort caused by tying shoelaces too tightly

Straight lacing shoelace diagram.

Performance method

You could try the asterisk lacing style to make your shoes more impressive.

First, thread the shoelace into the first row. Then use the left string from the top down into the third hole on the right.

Thread the proper string from the top to the third hole of the left row. Then, using the same string, work your way up to the second hole of the left row and straight through the opposite eyelet. Still, thread the line from the bottom to the fourth hole of the correct row and cross it through the sixth hole of the left row.

With the rest of the string, go up the fifth hole in the right row, and straight through the opposite hole. Then thread the wire down the fourth hole of the left row. Continue through the sixth hole of the correct row and tie the knot.

The asterisk lacing style can give your shoes a distinctive and striking look.

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Bow tie lacing method

If you’re looking for a simple but still eye-catching shoelace layout, please feel free to think about the bow tie. First, thread the shoelace into the eyelet and ensure that the shoelace is straight and not twisted. 

Then, thread the right and left laces through the eyelets that cross to make an X. After threading the lace through the interior to the eyelet above it, it should be threaded through the next eyelet on the outside.

Follow the same procedure to the end, and then tie the bow. This shoelace design is quick and simple to create while still producing an appealing look.

Zipper method

A fantastic zipper shoelace design makes your shoes appear more original.  

First, you need to thread the two ends of the shoelaces into the first eyelet from the bottom up. 

Second, thread the correct string underneath the row of wires you created in the first step, then down the second eyelet of the left row. Then, do it in the opposite direction to the left shoelace.

Continue threading down and through the eyelet in the opposing row like the second step. Repeat until you reach the top hole. Finally, tie the shoelace.

It looks a bit complicated, but you just need to follow the instructions on how to put lace in shoes step by step to make an attractive shoelace style.

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The zipper style creates an attractive look.


The five methods to lace sneakers mentioned above will help you enhance your shoes’ appearance. You can put these suggestions for lacing your shoes in place. 

For more information, you can see this video: 


How to lace Alexander Mcqueen sneakers?

The most common way to tie Alexander Mcqueen shoelaces is the straight lace style hidden laces hidden, suitable for those who prefer simplicity without sacrificing personality.  

How to lace sneakers with no tie?

To lace sneakers without tying them, you can use a simple and convenient lacing shoes technique called “no-tie lacing”, “lock lacing” or “lace anchors”.

How to lace hiking boots?

To reduce discomfort during hiking, you should try these three most used ways to tie hiking boots: “Surgeon’s Knot”, “Window Lacing”, and “Toe-Relief Lacing”.

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