Dunkare Vs Matchkicks: Top Streetwear Picks? 

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We’ve explored the vibrant streetwear scene. Besides, we’ve taken a closer look at brands that stand out in streetwear, including Dunkare vs Matchkicks. 

Isn’t it inspiring to see how this brand enhances your streetwear fashion? It also celebrates individuality and your style. Most importantly, it crafts a future where streetwear trends. So how are these brands different? What sets these brands apart in the bustling world of fashion? Read more now!

Overview of Dunkare vs Matchkicks

Let’s discover the history and features of the two well-known brands below: 


Dunkare Brand

Dunkare is based in San Francisco, United States. Dunkare stands at the heart of streetwear fashion, cheering on a way of life that’s all about being unique and showing off who you are. Dunkare came to life because they really love urban outfits with cool sneakers.

They are known for fresh streetwear and sneaker fashion, and Dunkare knows that rocking a full street-style outfit is key. It will enhance your style. Besides, they offer many unique and trendy designs for their audience. With a focus on the latest styles, the brand seems to cater to a fashion-forward crowd looking for distinctive streetwear options. 

Also, They always update new trends in the latest shoes on designs for shirts, hoodies, etc. They also offer many sneaker collections like Nike jordan match shirts,… This highlights their strong tie to sneaker culture and street fashion.


Matchkicks Brand

Matchkicks is the ultimate brian child of the Neapolitan Group Inc. They are a group of varied, leadership-oriented people. They believe in the power of being original and different in streetwear fashion.

When you use matchkicks website, you can use the website to create 100% custom and personalized merch to match your kicks. You can choose from a set of designs and customize colors to make it your own. Over 1 million unique combinations are ready for you.

Matchkicks brings creative technology to the sneaker fashion game to keep up with their customers’s desires. They’re excited to help their customers achieve their fashion needs. They’ll do this by helping them match their favorite sneakers and shoes with shirts, hats,… 

Additionally, they can match your entire sneaker closet. Their database of 80,000 sneakers and cutting-edge technology allows us to match any sneaker in the world!

What Makes Dukare vs Matchkicks Stand Out?

Dunkare stands out for its unique streetwear and sneaker fashion. It focuses on exclusive, creative designs that fit with current culture and trends. Matchkicks may emphasize a different aspect of street fashion. They may focus on matching sneakers with outfits or specialize in a particular niche within sneaker culture. To learn more about the differences between these two brands. Continue reading below.

Dunkare Brand

Dunkare is a brand that focuses on exclusive streetwear clothing, sneakers, and fashion. It appears to cater to a wide audience. It has a diverse range of products, including t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, long sleeve tees, socks, and a kids’ section. The brand highlights its Spring/Summer 2024 collections. They feature themes like “Drip’n Never Trippin,” “Never Stop Hustling,” and “Angel Nevermind.” These themes indicate a creative and trendy approach.

Dunkare is unique. It blends streetwear and sneaker fashion. It focuses on exclusive, trendy designs. The collections resonate with urban culture. They showcase creativity and a deep understanding of current fashion trends.

The brand’s design approach emphasizes innovation. It offers products that meet the style demands of the streetwear community. They also push the limits of typical fashion norms.

Dunkare is more than a brand; it’s a movement. It represents a new wave of streetwear enthusiasts who are not afraid to stand out, speak up, and wear their identities with pride. In the bustling streets of the urban jungle, Dunkare shines as a symbol of creativity, resilience, and unapologetic self-expression.

Matchkicks Brand

Matchkicks match apparel to sneakers, ensuring a perfect color match. And they guarantee it. They cater to those looking to effortlessly synchronize their outfits with their footwear, saving time and ensuring style accuracy. Matchkicks has a vast selection to match every sneaker in one’s closet. Positive customer feedback and high ratings back this up.

MatchKicks is different. It focuses on providing apparel designed to match popular sneaker brands like Jordans, Adidas, and Nikes. These key features include a vast selection of apparel options. They are tailored to complement specific sneaker designs. This ensures customers can achieve a coordinated look.

MatchKicks emphasizes their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. They do this by ensuring that their apparel matches popular sneaker designs well. They focus on both style and durability. This is also a great differentiator and highlight of this brand.

Dunkare vs Matchkicks: What is difference?


Both brands invest in very good product quality. They stand out for their great fabric, top-notch making, and unique designs. These shirts are made for comfort and strength. They can handle daily wear while keeping their shape and color. 

Dunkare vs Matchkicks has unique and impressive product design. The graphics are innovative and mix with cultural motifs. Each item they adorn is a peak of street fashion. They are also a form of personal expression style.

Besides, They commit to quality ensuring that streetwear enthusiasts can enjoy both style and substance in every garment.

Customer service

The customer care of both brands is highly appreciated by customers. This is because they are big brands and have enthusiastic support and consulting teams.

They are always ready to help customers answer questions quickly like handle problems during product purchases or shipping.

Returns and Refunds

Returns and refunds of the two brands will be different. However, both aim for the most convenience for customers.


  • Method of refund:  All refunds will be credited to your original form of payment.
  • Product condition: the item be like new to return
  • Refund contact info: send email to  [email protected]
  • Charges: The customer needs to pay for return shipping
  • Time: 14 business days

Dunkare does not offer exchanges/returns for size unless it is their fault for sending the wrong-size items. For other reasons like sewing or printing problems, you can contact them at [email protected] for further support. Please do not send your purchase back to them unless we authorize you to do so.


  • To initiate a return/refund, please submit a request to our support team within 14 business days of receiving your order.
  • Along with your request, please provide a clear photo of the return item showing any defects, damages or mismatch color of the item.
  • If the product received does not match the color you ordered, they offer a replacement free of charge or a 100% refund, excluding the original fees.
  • Please note that the customer is responsible for the return fees, including shipping and handling charges.
  • For the returns, please allow 7-10 business days for them to process your return once the tracking information has been provided. While refunds will be issued through the original payment method used within 2-3 business days.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact their support team via [email protected] or simply click on the chat bar.

Where Can You Buy Dunkare and MatchKicks Products?

You can easily access the Matchkicks website to buy products or go to platforms like the brand’s etsy to buy Shirt products. However, they encourage you to visit the website to choose shoe products that coordinate with the shirt and sneakers.

Besides Dunkare Brand, you can buy at websites, etsy, amazon or Facebook, insta,… You can access the above platforms to buy products quickly and most conveniently for you.


Dunkare and MatchKicks each carve unique niches within the streetwear scene. Dunkare stands out with its creative and individualistic designs and mix and match your favorite sneaker style, appealing to those who seek originality in their wardrobe. MatchKicks caters to sneaker enthusiasts. They sell apparel that complements specific sneaker styles.

This apparel is perfect for those aiming for a cohesive look. While DopeSkill thrives on artistic expression, MatchKicks focuses on the synergy between footwear and fashion. The choice between them boils down to personal preference: whether one values unique designs or the precision of a matched outfit. Both brands excel in their realms, enriching the streetwear culture with quality and style.

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