How To Stretch Sneakers: Easy Ways Can Do It At Home

If you are experiencing foot pain due to shoes that are too tight and want to know how to stretch sneakers at home, do not ignore the following guide. This information will help you to improve the discomfort caused by the wrong shoe size.

How To Tell If Shoes Aren’t The Right Fit?

How to choose the appropriate pair of shoes is critical because it impacts both your feet and your daily activities. You can refer to the details below to avoid selecting the incorrect sneaker size

Feel pain or discomfit

The shoe size needs to be corrected for you if you experience discomfort or soreness in your toes when wearing shoes. When you encounter an impediment while wearing excessively tight shoes, your toes may swell, bruise, or even pop.

You can’t take off your shoes without loosening the laces fully

When wearing shoes that are too small, you must untie the entire shoelace to remove the footwear. When you need to visit locations where shoes are not permitted, this is quite time-consuming and quite annoying.

Heels slip out of shoes or get scratched

When you walk or climb steep slopes, overly broad shoes will cause heel slippage. Additionally, if the shoes are excessively tight, your heels will graze and bleed, hurting and uncomfortable. 

How Do You Stretch Your Shoes Wider At Home?

Wearing shoes that are too small will make you lack confidence and uncomfortable. You can try the following 5 ways to lengthen your shoes and improve the discomfort caused by too-tight shoes. 

Using ice to stretch sneakers

You can get a heel stretch by putting shoes in a freezer bag since water expands when it freezes. First, you need to find two sealable bags, pour a moderate amount of water, and seal the mouth of the bag to prevent water from flowing out. 

Then, insert water bags into the shoes, ensuring that both the shoe’s front and back are submerged in the water bags. After that, freeze your shoes for 7-8 hours so that they will expand the following morning. 

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Lengthen sneakers with socks and a hair dryer

You start by finding and wearing two pairs of socks that are as thick as wool socks. Your legs will enlarge to their total size with the help of thick socks. Tips include putting one pair of socks on if your shoes are too small.

The sneaker’s entire body, toe, and heel should next be heated with a hair dryer. You should switch the dryer to the other shoe every 30 seconds. Avoid high drying temperatures to prevent heat from damaging the shoe’s substance.

You ought to wiggle your toes as the drying process continues. The sneaker will extend as a result of heat and foot motion.

Stretch sneakers with potatoes

Although it may seem strange, it works and is a popular method shared on the net and in forums.

You must first locate two potatoes that are big enough to fit into your shoe. Peel them afterward, then wrap them in plastic to protect your sneakers from stains.

After that, put two potatoes inside the sneaker and let it sit there all night. Your sneakers will dramatically stretch after one night. Additionally, this technique aids in removing the offensive smell of shoes. This is one of the tips useful for your sneakers. 

You can lengthen your sneaker with potatoes.

Spray water and isopropyl alcohol

First, you make a mixture of water and isopropyl alcohol, making sure to stir the mix well before putting it in a spray bottle. Spray this mixture all over the shoe, inside and out. The next step is to walk around in the shoe while wearing socks to assist stretch it to the right size.

Insert shoe stretchers or shoe trees

You can also stretch your sneakers with a shoe stretcher or shoe trees. This device, which resembles a foot, can magnify objects and exert force from the outside to assist stretch sneakers. This specialist instrument is conveniently available at shops with various sizes and materials.

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One of the best ways to stretch shoes is by using a shoe stretcher.


Long-term use of restrictive sneakers will make you uncomfortable, harm your feet, and undermine your confidence. The previously mentioned techniques for shoe stretching at home are simple to try. 

You can watch the following video for further details: 


Do sneakers stretch over time?

Yes. Because the material can stretch over time, your shoes will expand. On the fabric, sneakers may stretch more or less. You should pick high-quality materials to prevent shoes from stretching out too much.

How can I stretch my sneakers fast?

You could use shoe stretchers and specialized sprays to achieve the fastest shoe stretch effect. Or you can bring your sneaker to a skilled cobbler near me for a speedier stretch. 

How do stretch sneakers a half size?

You can gradually attempt the methods described above until the sneakers stretch to the desired degree. Or you might contact a skilled shoemaker to help you extend the shoes to the correct size.

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