How To Wear Canvas Sneakers: Style Tips For Every Occasion

When it comes to shoes, there are many options for specific occasions. Canvas shoes are popular for the lightweight, softness, and comfort they offer. Everybody generally favors these shoes.

This article will give you a fashionable approach to wearing canvas shoes and all the types of canvas shoes you can choose for occasions.

What are canvas sneakers?

It might sound pretty obvious, but these sneakers are made from the canvas! This fabric is often paired with rubber, leather, and fiber sole.

Canvas sneakers were introduced back in the 1890s. At that time, a Rubber company utilized the breathable and lightweight nature type of fabric by making rubber-soled sneakers with a canvas top. This was the born of the summery shoe that we know nowadays.

Perhaps the most well-known sample of this kind is Converse All-Stars. The brand released the first pair of canvas shoes in 1917, and since then, people started to wear them with almost every outfit. Later on, other sports brands also contribute to the game, such as Nike and Keds.

Although they look fashionable and can go with just about any outfit, the canvas is not a functional fabric for athletics. The fabric is suitable for everyday fashion purposes rather than as performance apparel.

There are many types of canvas sneakers on the market nowadays. You can easily pump into the most common type, which is canvas trainers. The second one is canvas slip-on. Many people prefer canvas wedges, making them the third most popular canvas shoes. Depending on which kind of casual outfits you are choosing, you can pick the right ones.

How to wear canvas shoes fashionably

With all those benefits, canvas shoes are always on the list of classic styles around the world. However, wearing canvas effortlessly cool takes work. This part will guide you through some of the most versatile styles you can try next time.

Mix and match

So you fall in love with a pair of canvas shoes but need to know how to mix and match? Having classic round-toe means can wear these common shoes in any outfit – smart or casual. Here are some recommendations from us about how to wear canvas shoes.

Classic and casual styles

For those who love comfortable fashions, canvas sneakers are always an effortless footwear style every day. Canvas shoes are not limited to gender or age, so you can wear anything with these kinds of shoes, especially casual outfits. Canvas shoes provide a comfortable and breezy vibe to the look. We can use canvas shoes as an essential summer shoe option.

How to wear canvas sneakers? White canvas sneakers fit well for casual styles

Smart casual style

For those who want to feel comfortable at work, canvas shoes can be mixed with basic workwear such as a black blazer, giving a smart casual daytime sophistication.

Color tricks

There are so many colors you can find; however, in this part, let’s go through some of the most common colors of canvas shoes.

Black canvas sneakers with any colors

For the most basic style, you can wear black canvas shoes or wedges with any other color, especially neutral colors, without considering too much.

White canvas Sneakers with any styles

White footwear such as white converse can give you a soft, chic appearance. This look will give you an otherwise monochromatic look, of course effortlessly cool for summer days. White shoes are by far the most flexible item that you should have because they go well with any style, whether it’s a simple shirt or a colorful maxi dress. But you can’t deny how good it is when you mix white canvas shoes with a t-shirt and pants.

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White canvas shoes is iconic in the world of sneakers

Blue canvas with denim jacket

For a bold look, you can try mixing dark colors together. This outfit looks creative and young in an all-blue look.

Items matching

Coming to items, there are some interesting rules in matching canvas with outfits you should remember.

Slip-on canvas with a denim shirt & jeans can give you a chic look. Pair these items together to be eye-catching on the street.

High-top sneakers mixed with an oversized jacket and black pants will help you look taller. This way of layering can help balance your look. However, remember to choose the right length of the pants so you can show a bit of your skin and extend the length of your legs.

Additional Advice

Canvas shoe items are popular and flexible. However, you should keep in mind some facts about these kinds of shoes so that you can wear them more aesthetically and effectively.

Keep canvas sneakers clean and new

White canvas shoes is iconic in the world of sneakers

New and fresh canvas sneakers will enhance your look rather than old ones. Keeping canvas shoes new is easy if you clean them regularly. You can wash them with your laundry. However, some special techniques can help keep them clean and new for a long time.

Depending on how frequently you wear them, you can decide when to clean canvas shoes. If you wear them every day, you should wash them weekly or at least twice a month. Canvas is a durable fabric, it can be washed by hand using a soft brush or even by a washer.

For canvas with leather trim or suede, you should not put them into a washing machine. The strong machine is too harsh for the material, and too much water can lead to glue loss. Using your hands is the best option for these shoes.

For white sneakers, you can use natural cleansing ingredients such as baking soda and vinegar, which are very easy to find in your kitchen. You can scrub your shoes with the paste, brush them off, and let the shoe air dry. You can also use stain remover or detergent to wash them.

After washing the shoes, hang them immediately for the water to come out. Stuff them with crumpled newspaper or towel will help absorb the excess moisture. It would help if you never dry your shoes under direct sunlight or use a dry blower since it can damage the shape and melt the glues.

After wearing shoes, keeping them on a shoe rack staple can keep them organized and clean. Never throw your canvas shoes on the floor or outside since they can get dirty easily.

Can you wear canvas shoes without socks?

This question is always controversial. The majority of people do not wear canvas with socks because they do not feel comfortable with socks. There is no one-size-fits-all answer for this, but it is an individual decision. If you sweat too much when wearing socks with sneakers, you can remove them.

Wearing socks can develop an athlete’s foot and other infections if foot hygiene is not secured. If you wear socks with canvas, you can make the look more fantastic by choosing the right socks. Some examples are pairing white sneakers with grey socks, or dark clothing with black socks. Creating contrast between the sneakers and the socks can create balance for the look.

Wearing sneakers without socks, on the other hand, can make your shoes absorb sweat since there is no layer of material between your feet and the sneakers. Over time, you can have blisters, especially when wearing new sneakers.

Opt for them at the right places

Being a timeless casual item, the canvas can be worn literally with any outfit. You can wear them in any circumstance with a bit of consideration.

Choosing the wrong places and time to wear your canvas sneakers can ruin your look and experience.

If you go to the gym for weightlifting, you can opt for canvas sneakers or slip-on because you don’t have to move too much. You can also choose them for a short walk in the park.

You can also wear canvas if your work environment does not require formal workwear. You can mix them with a suit. In fact, canvas sneakers can help tone down the look, making you look friendlier.

Do not wear them to formal events such as client meetings, weddings, or interviews.


  1. Are canvas sneakers the usual choice for people?

    Yes. They are one of the most optimal choices for people for everyday looks and a streetwear vibe. You can wear them to hang out with friends, to the gym or play sports, to work, and even to the beach.

  2. What is the difference between normal vs. canvas sneakers?

    One thing you can notice about canvas sneakers over normal sneakers is the top of the shoes. The shoes have rubber soles with a canvas upper. Made from a fundamental fabric, canvas sneakers own a big advantage. They are low maintenance, and easy to be taken care of; you can wash them weekly without ruining the shape.

  3. Which are the best items to go with canvas shoes?

    For its timeless design, canvas shoes can go every time with active outfits such as denim shorts or jeans and t-shirt. However, streetwear such as jeans, t-shirt, smart casual looks are the easiest options to go with canvas.

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