Why Do Western People Wear Shoes In The House? (Brief Explain)

While wearing shoes inside the house is quite usual for Western people such as Americans and Europeans, including Great Britain, America, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Norway, etc. However, in some parts of Europe and Asians, people will find it surprising. 

Many people wonder, “Why do Western people wear shoes in the house?”. In this article, we will discuss some reasons of people wear shoes indoors.

Reasons Why Westerners Wearing Shoes In The House  

The habit of wearing shoes indoors mostly refers to culture and tradition. Western people have been doing this for a long, and it has become their daily lifestyle. Beside, wearing shoes inside might be seen of as a technique to shield the feet from any dangers or filth on the floor. Keeping the shoes off the ground is also said to keep them cleaner.

Wearing shoes or slippers in the house is naturally practiced, but are there any reasons to explain it? This part will guide you through some of the most common explanations behind it.

Why western wear shoes in house?

In our experience, many Westerners wear shoes indoors due to cultural customs and practical reasons. We’ve found that these reasons often involve cleanliness, foot protection, and added support. Still, it’s essential to note that many Western households do prefer to take their shoes off to keep their homes clean.” 

Culture and tradition

As human beings, we follow the cultural rules of where we were born and lived. And in most parts of Europe and America, people have developed a culture of wearing shoes indoors. 

In our expert experiance, although we do not know when and how people in the west started wearing shoes indoors, the culture is believed to be at least a few centuries old. Some research shows that the practice started in medieval Europe when there were dangerous diseases, and people wore shoes indoors to avoid any possible germs. Eventually, it became a cultural part of their lives and continues until now. 

Preventing slippery and cold

A study by Science Daily suggested that 52% of older people fall on the slippery floor while going barefoot. The number of elderly who wore shoes with socks has less percentage of falls – 20% or even lower than it. These numbers emphasize that older people wear shoes for safety inside their homes. It will protect them from falling and walking confidently. 

Also, in western countries, the floor will get cold during winter, so people will wear shoes or slippers indoors to protect their feet from getting cold. Wearing comfortable shoes will warm their feet and provide a cushioned feel. For this reason, many people prefer wearing shoes indoors. 

Prevents infection

Indoor locations could contain germs and dust as well. Therefore, walking in barefoot could make us more vulnerable to bacteria. The Americans and Europeans have believed for a long time that wearing shoes indoors can help them maintain hygiene and protect their feet from insects such as ants, spiders, and termites. Shoes can help them escape any possible hazards, dust, and debris. 

One more reason is wearing shoes indoors can help maintain the house’s cleanliness. Western people prioritize the cleanliness of their houses, so it is natural for them to wear shoes indoors.

Foot odor reduce

Chronic foot odor is quite common in the West. Many people would want to wear shoes in the house to prevent the spreading of the odor. That is because shoes can help mask any unpleasant smells. Sweating causes foot odor, so wearing shoes indoors with socks can help decrease the situation. 

what countries wear shoes in the house

Lifestyle and home design

Most houses in the west are large. Therefore, people feel comfortable leaving their shoes on while walking around inside their homes. It is more comfortable to wear shoes in such a large space than to walk barefoot.

One more reason is that the streets in western countries are clean, and most people spend their time driving a car rather than walking. As a result, their shoes don’t get dirty, so it is acceptable to allow them in-house.

For comfort

Many doctors have suggested people wear slippers or shoes in the house for health reasons. First of all, the shoes can protect your feet from hard floor impact. Walking on a hard surface, such as a tiled floor, for a long time could cause you pain. 

In fact, according to many Europeans, wearing shoes in the house helps them feel comfortable and solace. Since people have been doing this for decades, it has become used to the phenomenon. A house is where people should feel comfortable. As a result of which, they end up wearing shoes indoors.

The Global Footprint: Who Wears Shoes Indoors?

Many countries and cultures have diverse customs when it comes to indoor footwear. While some see it as a norm, others view it as a taboo. Here’s a brief overview:

CountryTypical Practice
United StatesOften wears shoes
United KingdomMixed
JapanRarely wears shoes
South KoreaRarely wears shoes
RussiaRarely wears shoes

In our observations, Western countries such as the US and the UK have a mixed approach. In some households, wearing shoes is perfectly acceptable, while in others, it’s frowned upon.

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Personal reasons

The lifestyle and the environment surrounding them make them feel burdened to remove their shoes while entering the house. Their roads are dirt-free and thus keep their boots clean. They also do it to save time when they visit someone’s home or pay a visit.

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In our expert experiance, we explain the answer ” why western wear shoes in house “. earing shoes indoors is more common in the west than in many other countries in Asia. Hopefully, the reasons above could give you some perspective for the next time you visit someone’s home in the west. If you ever go there, your best shot should be to observe and ask whether you should keep your shoes on or take them off.

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