Nike Dunks VS Jordan 1: Battle Of The Icons

Nike Dunks vs Jordan 1 have been two of the world’s most loved shoes for decades.  The Nike Dunks perform the same as the Jordan 1s. However, true sneakerheads can sniff out the difference.

Compare Nike Dunks vs Jordan 1 to select the winner. 

We will give you some essential knowledge to distinguish between two great sneaker pairs. Prepare to explore the fascinating history of Dunk High and Jordan 1 as we take you on a journey through time.  We will also provide a comprehensive breakdown of both shoes, ensuring you can identify their unique characteristics effortlessly.

Nike VS Jordan History 

Nike – a global sportswear giant has left an indelible mark on athletic footwear history. The first Nike Dunks-designed high-performance basketball shoes were introduced in the 1980s. They transcended their firm roots and became a symbol of street fashion and cultural expression.

Jordan 1 was released as a combination of Nike and basketball legend Michael Jordan. 

Jordan brand is known as an extremely successful collaboration between Nike and basketball legend Michael Jordan, revolutionizing sneaker culture and becoming a global phenomenon.  The Jordan 1 was officially introduced in 1985, owning its sleek design and innovative features. This helped this brand gain immense popularity during this period, and it has become a high-top brand for a long time. 

The Jordan 1 and Nike Dunk have had many notable collaborations over the years, including partnerships with designers, musicians, and other brands. These collaborations have helped to cement the shoes’ status as cultural icons and have made them highly sought-after by sneaker enthusiasts and collectors.

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What Are The Differences Between Nike Dunks And Jordan 1?

If you are confused between Nike Dunks and Jordan 1, you should begin to find out by product information. There can be weight and price range, rating, benefits, and drawbacks for each shoe. Please take note of the main differences below:  

Nike Dunks
Release dateWeightPrice Rating
August 198512 – 16 ounces$80 to $2004.2/ 5
– Be versatile and suitable for various styles.
– Have a wide range of colorways. 
– Have comfortable cushioning for everyday wear.
– Have an affordable price range for buyers. 
– Limit availability for highly sought-after releases.
– Limit availability in certain regions or sizes.
Jordan 1 
Release dateWeightPrice Rating
April 198514 – 17 ounces$150 to $1804.4/5
– Have an outstanding and iconic design.
– Bring a strong historical significance.
– Support ankle excellently. 
– Promote resale at a high price.
– Have a higher price on average. 
– Require more care to maintain quality.
– Not adopt the best for smaller or larger feet.

From the table above, you can see the Jordan 1’s average price is higher than that of Nike Dunks, and the Jordan 1s are also heavier than Nike Dunk shoes. 

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A Comparison Of Nike Dunks VS Jordan 1 


Nike Dunks vs Jordan 1 has been marked as the forefront shoe brand. Their image and values can be attributed to their timeless designs, durability, and comfort.

While each shoe boasts a distinct design, they both provide exceptional comfort levels. To help you to have an overall on that, we will offer valuable insights to support you in seeking the perfect pair of kicks.

First Impression

Nike Dunks often make a strong first impression with their versatile and eye-catching designs.

They are known for their vibrant colorways, unique collaborations, and distinct retro aesthetic. For Jordan 1, you can get a lasting impression due to its rich basketball heritage and iconic design. 

Impressive designs and colors from Nike Dunks shoes on the market 


Nike Dunks are famous for airless soles, which are far different from the air-filled soles of Jordan 1. This does not prove that wearing Nike Dunks or Jordan 1 will be bad or good for you. 

It must be evaluated through the specific model and individual preferences. Some people find that Jordan 1s have a slightly stiffer feel, while Nike Dunks may bring them softer and more flexible experiences. 

Nike Dunks and Jordan 1s have slightly different sizes but are insignificant. Some specific Nike Dunks and Jordan 1s models may run larger or smaller than normal models, such as Nike Dunk Low, Jordan 1 Retro High OG, and Jordan 1 Mid. Thus, you should try them on your feet or consult the manufacturer’s size chart to choose a good size.  

The key distinction between the two lies in their original purpose. The Nike Dunk was initially created as a basketball shoe, while the Jordan 1 was designed primarily as a lifestyle sneaker. 

Nike aims to develop Nike Dunks as products from a combination of leather, mesh, and synthetic leather. Instead of using mesh in construction as Nike Dunks, Jordan 1s are filled with canvas materials, helping you easily clean your shoes daily. 

The specific level of breathability from Nike Dunks vs Jordan 1 can vary depending on the materials and design. If you want to compare them in this aspect, you should care about or select one particular product to have an exact evaluation from technical product information. 

For example, you can compare Nike Dunk Low Next Nature with Jordan 1 Retro Low Black. It is worth it! 

Reviews for using Nike Dunks or Jordan 1 from the famous Youtuber 

Many people prefer Nike Dunks because they have free-floating ankle straps instead of stitched-down ones like Jordan 1. If you do not want free-floating straps, you can choose Jordan 1 to experience a new feeling. This is not right for all versions, maybe the majority on the market. Therefore, you should select any version you are interested in. 

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Nike Dunks vs Jordan 1 have been sported by numerous high-profile athletes and celebrities due to their outstanding features and designs. The Nike Dunks exude a timeless street style appeal, whereas the Jordan 1s feature a trendier look. This indicates that picking between the two shoes rests with the individual, based on your unique personal style. 


  1. What are your favorite colors for both Nike Dunks vs Jordan 1?

    The “Space Jam” and “Royal Blue” colorways are among the most sought-after and beloved options for the Nike Dunk. For Jordan 1, many people are really experiencing  “Bred” and “Royal Blue” colorways. You also choose classic colors from black, white, or other bright colors. 

  2. Which common price ranges when buying Nike Dunks and Jordan 1?

    The average price of Nike Dunks is lower than that of Jordan 1. You can come across the level of  $80 to $200 for Nike Dunks and the level of $150 to $180 on the market.  When comparing these price points with Nike Dunks vs Air Force 1: it may be higher!    

  3. What should we do to purchase good Nike Dunks vs Jordan 1? 

    We should consider our styles, detailed product information, warranty time, product color, and essential customer policies to buy good Nike Dunks vs Jordan 1.

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