Jordan 1 Mid Vs High: An Ultimate Comparison

Because of how similar the Jordan 1 mid vs high design elements are, it can be hard to differentiate them apart. The following article will provide more information and help you distinguish these two types of shoes! 

What Do You Know About These Shoes’ Histories? 

Before discovering the distinction, we shall discuss the origins of the AJ mid-tops and high-tops.

AJ 1 high 

Michael Jordan (MJ), a well-known basketball player, initiated the craze in 1984 by competing in the NBA tournament wearing AJ 1 high-top sneakers. At the time, the Jordan version was made specifically for him with the recognizable black and red of the Chicago Bulls uniform. 

MJ received a $5,000 punishment from the NBA for breaking the dress code by wearing this sneaker on the field. However, Nike is preparing to make this significant payment as a strategy for product promotion. It worked. This shoe line gained popularity and style thanks to MJ.

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The iconic figure of the AJ high-tops shoe line is Michael Jordan (MJ)

AJ 1 mid

Following the popularity of the AJ high-tops, Nike began to release numerous variations, including AJ mid-tops. However, the AJ mid-tops version did not create a resounding success like the AJ high-tops. 

How Can You Tell The Difference Between Jordan 1 Mid Vs High 

The following table identifies the distinction between AJ high-tops and mid-tops. 

Different Aspects AJ High-topsAJ Mid-tops 
Length 72 inches 63 inches 
Lace holes9 holes 8 holes 
CollarHighest Lower than AJ High-tops 
PriceHighest Lower than AJ High-tops 
Height Highest Lower than AJ High-tops 
Quality Better quality than AJ mid-tops and AJ low-tops  A lower rate than AJ High-tops

In addition to the characteristics listed in the chart, there are differences between AJ high-tops and mid-tops in terms of material, comfort, performance, and logo. In the section after this, we’ll go over more. 

Comparison Between AJ 1 Mid-tops Vs High-tops

Here, we’ll contrast these two shoe collections in more detail.

Collar heights

The first discrepancy is in the collar’s height. Compared to the midsole, which is just around 4.2 inches tall from the sole to the collar, the AJ 1 High is roughly 6.25 inches tall.

It's easy to tell the difference between the collar height

Lace holes 

The eyelet also makes it simple to distinguish between high-tops and mid-tops. Because of the higher collar, high-tops have 9 lace holes, while mid-tops have only 8.

Fit & comfort

It is challenging to determine which shoe model is more fit and comfy. High tops are preferred if you want a shoe that fits comfortably. The AJ 1 High also has a higher heel cushion than mid-tops, making it ideal for runners. 

Mid-top shoes work better if you desire big, comfortable shoes. In addition, thanks to the lower neck, mid-tops do not restrict the ankle too much, providing better comfort than high-tops. 

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Style & materials

The High variant is preferred over the Mid version in terms of materials. High-quality leather and rubber soles are used in the AJ 1 high, making you feel smoother. This product is made from a blend of cracked leather, imitation leather, and synthetic materials.

AJ High is more appreciated in terms of material and style

Therefore, in terms of style, High-tops are also appreciated. Thanks to the premium leather material, High-tops bring a more classy and sophisticated beauty than Mid-tops.


Performance is the following distinction. The ankle differs between mid and high. The high version will more protect your ankles, but the high neck will constrain the ankle’s range of motion. Conversely, Mid provides more flexibility while moving their ankles, making them perfect for competition but exposing the ankle.

We think the mid-tops may have a tiny advantage over the Highs when comparing the two for use on the court.

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There is a distinction in price between high and mid. The high version is more expensive and often retails for $170. Meanwhile, Mid is more affordable, around $110 – $115. 

However, prices may vary depending on color or time of purchase. As a result, before making a purchase, carefully check the price. 


Logo of the Mid-tops version

The looks of high-tops and mid-tops are quite similar. To distinguish, you can rely on the logo on the tongue. High tops use the traditional Nike Air logo. Meanwhile, mid-tops use the Jumpman logo and the word “AIR”.


A complete comparison of the differences between Jordan 1 mid vs high can be found above. Hopefully, the information provided will assist you in selecting the appropriate pair of Jordan shoes.


  1. Should I buy Jordan 1 mid or Jordan 1 high?

    This also depends on your needs. The high version is also appropriate if you want to look fashionable. The mid version will be better if you want to utilize the shoe for competition.  

  2. What are some popular colorways for AJ 1 mid and AJ 1 high?

    The AJ 1 is available in various popular colors, including clay green, lucky green, pink glaze, court purple, patent bred, university blue black, smoke grey, and dark mocha.  

  3. Is there a difference in logos between AJ 1 Mid and Jordan 1 High? 

    Yes. On the AJ 1 high, the traditional Nike Air logo is recognizable, while on the mid-top model, the Jumpman logo and the word “Air” are utilized in place of the Nike Air section.

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