Adidas Gazelle Vs Samba: Decoding The Differences

Due to their similar looks, the Adidas Gazelle vs Samba sneaker lines are both trendy and sometimes mistaken for one another. You may learn more about how to tell these two shoe lines apart in the following article.

What Are These Shoes’ Backgrounds? 

Adidas Gazelle vs Samba showcases a battle of iconic styles. Gazelle, originating in 1966, offers a sleek, casual aesthetic with various colorways and a distinctive rough-textured rubber midsole. Samba, introduced in 1949, features a notable gum-rubber sole, designed for grip in indoor football, and has evolved into a streetwear staple. Both embody Adidas’ signature three stripes, offering timeless, versatile fashion. Let’s investigate the histories of these two shoe lines before discussing the differences!

Adidas Gazelle 

In 1960, Gazelle was introduced with the first running shoe design. This shoe line gained popularity worldwide, notably in the UK, because of its straightforward design, exquisite colors, and ability to mix with various clothing. 

In the 1980s and 1990s, gazelles rose to popularity among the younger generation and have remained popular ever since.

Adidas Samba

Sambas is one of Adidas' most famous shoe models

One of Adidas’ earliest shoe types, the Samba was created exclusively for indoor soccer and released in 1949. The sole is made with a big gum-rubber ‘ pivot point ‘ to assist the shoe hold on the slick wooden flooring of an indoor sports holding.

A further coincidence is that the German team, which won the 1954 World Cup, wore footwear with a Sambas-like style. This contributed to the line becoming well-known and in high demand.

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What Are The Difference Between Samba Gazelle? 

This table will assist in highlighting the key distinctions between Adidas Samba vs didas gazelle.

Design The Samba has a classic, simple style that has long been a favorite of Adidas aficionados.The Gazelle has been a classic Adidas design for decades and is loved by many, especially sports enthusiasts
UpperCombination of leather and suede material Soft leather 
OutsoleA rubber sole designed for maximum grip and durability A rubber outsole with a herringbone pattern for enhanced grip 
Sole Made of EVA foam for cushioning and comfort A lightweight and flexible EVA sole for cushioning and comfort 
Weight12oz Lighter than Sambas, 10oz 
PriceAbout 70$Higher than Sambas, about 80$

Comparison Between Adidas Gazelle Vs Samba 

Here, we shall contrast Adidas Gazelle and Samba in further depth.


Sambas have an upper made entirely of suede material for excellent durability. Meanwhile, the Gazelles are more comfortable and stylish thanks to their suede toe cap and soft, shining leather upper. 

In addition, there is also a difference between the upper and tongue colors. Sambas have the same upper color as the tongue, while the Gazelles’ upper color is different from the tongue color. Adidas gazelle vs samba sizing exactly the same according to the manufacturer’s standard sizes.


Adidas campus and gazelle difference about sole. While the gazelles have typical rubber soles, the Sambas are made for indoor activities and feature rubber gum soles.

Rubber gum soles have a better grip, providing stability when participating in indoor sports activities on slippery, hardwood floors. They are more easily identified because of their bright or golden brown tint. 

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Depending on the hue of the soles, you can tell them apart 


Sambas is a traditional style with a lower neck, suede material, and a brown rubber gum sole. On the other hand, the gazelles have a higher-cut neckline and are typically composed of leather and nylon.

Sambas is an excellent option if you want essential, conventional beauty. Likewise, if you favor style. You could think about Gazelles. 


Both of these shoe lines do fairly well in terms of comfort. Because the Adidas Samba has a lower neck, you can move your feet more efficiently and flexibly, and the sole grip is better. 

However, the Gazelle features a higher cut offering better arch support. The OrthoLite insole of the Gazelle adds enhanced cushioning and breathability. 

Therefore, Gazelles are ideal if you want to choose a good shoe for arch support.

Samba is very popular because of its comfort and flexibility


The Samba and the Gazelle sneakers perform admirably regarding traction and support. The Gazelle offers extra arch support, while the Samba has a low-top form that promotes flexibility. Both shoes are excellent for daily wear since they provide breathable cushioning.

Sambas outperform Gazelles in terms of sports performance. Sambas have a more fantastic grip thanks to the gum rubber sole, which aids in keeping the foot balanced on the bicycle pedals. 

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Both Adidas Gazelle And Samba provide comfort and support activities

Pros and Cons: A Closer Look At Adidas Gazelle And Samba

Navigating through the sneaker world, especially when it involves two iconic pairs like the Adidas Gazelle and Samba, can be quite a journey. We, as a dedicated team of fashion enthusiasts, have always been intrigued by how certain sneakers carve their niche in the fashion and sports world. So, let’s delve deeper into the pros and cons of these two legendary Adidas sneakers. 

Adidas Gazelle


  • Elegant design: The Gazelle captivates with its refined and understated design, consistently drawing attention from us and style enthusiasts worldwide.
  • Effortless comfort: Sliding into the Gazelle, the immediate and lightweight comfort it delivers is notably remarkable, ensuring ease of wear throughout the day.
  • Diverse color options: The abundant color choices available empower us to explore and diversify our style, presenting a spectrum that appeals to varied fashion tastes.


  • Variable pricing: The Gazelle’s price can occasionally lean towards the upper end for some shoppers, particularly with specific colorways or exclusive collaborations.

Adidas Samba

Adidas Gazelle And Samba


  • Solid construction: The Samba, from our unified perspective, presents a durability that adeptly meets the requirements of assorted physical activities, spanning casual to sporty engagements.
  • Classic appeal: Its traditional, identifiable design has secured its position as a fundamental piece in both athletic and fashion domains, exuding a timeless and nostalgic charm.
  • Stable and supportive: As we navigate through various activities, the Samba ensures a stable and supportive experience, especially noticeable during athletic endeavors.


  • Substantial build: When compared to the Gazelle, the Samba exhibits a somewhat more substantial construction, which may not be the first choice for those who favor extremely lightweight footwear.

In our exploration of these sneakers, we have observed their adoption and stylistic integration by individuals from diverse backgrounds and lifestyles. For example, the Gazelle has been a frequent sight at informal meet-ups, music festivals, and even semi-formal occasions, demonstrating its adaptable aesthetic. Conversely, the Samba, with its deeply rooted history in the soccer arena, has been a preferred selection for athletes and those who value a sporty, classic appearance.

Consumer Feedback And Reviews: Voices From The Sneaker Community

Navigating through the vast world of sneaker enthusiasts, we’ve encountered a myriad of opinions, reviews, and feedback regarding the Adidas Gazelle and Samba. Both of these sneakers have not only carved a niche in the market but have also sparked conversations among consumers, athletes, and fashion aficionados alike.

In our explorations, we’ve noticed that the Adidas Gazelle has been warmly received by a wide demographic. From the youthful skateboarders in the park to the casual city stroller, the Gazelle has been praised for its effortless blend of comfort and style

On the flip side, the Adidas Samba sneaker has been a steadfast favorite among those who lean towards a sporty and classic aesthetic. Its sturdy build and recognizable design have made it a staple in many wardrobes.

Consumer Highlights

FeatureAdidas GazelleAdidas Samba
Top PraisesStyle, Comfort, VersatilityDurability, Classic Design, Support
Common CritiquesPrice Variability, Durability ConcernsWeight, Limited Style Variability
Ideal ForCasual to Semi-Formal WearSports and Casual Wear
Consumer DemographicYouthful, Fashion-forwardAthletes, Classic Style Enthusiasts

In our interactions within the sneaker community, we’ve encountered stories that resonate with these perspectives. For instance, a skateboarder appreciated the Gazelle for its lightweight build, allowing him to perform tricks with ease, while a soccer coach found the Samba to be a reliable companion on the field due to its robust and supportive nature.


Using the information provided, you can tell Adidas Gazelle shoes apart from Adidas Samba sneakers. The information mentioned with Adidas Gazelle vs Samba may be used to streamline and expedite the buying experience.

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