What Does PE Mean In Shoes? Every Sportsman Should Know

I once thought PE shoes had uppers made of Polyester (PE). And that can’t stray further from the truth I’ve heard from one of my athlete friends. What does PE mean in shoes? Are you curious?

This post will explain the meaning behind the terms and what makes these sneakers unique and desirable. If you are lucky enough to own a pair, I also provide some care tips to help preserve it better.

What Does PE Mean In Shoes?

The Prestige of Player Edition Sneakers

In our experiance, ” Player Edition” is often abbreviated as PE, stands for either “Player Edition” or “Player Exclusive.” These are unique colorways crafted for specific shoes that only certain NBA players can sport. A classic example is the Chicago colorway of the Air Jordan 1, designed to resonate with the team’s colors.

Within the sneaker community, PEs are hailed as “grails,” denoting their rarity and desirability. To make them even more distinct, these shoes sometimes carry the player’s signature emblem – just look at the Curry Line sneakers. Yet, it’s essential to understand that not all Player Exclusive collections stand on the same pedestal.

The Evolution and Reach of Player Exclusives

While discussions about PE usually center on the distinctive colorways of notable shoes, it’s the signature shoes that truly capture attention. In contrast, “team shoe” PEs rarely gain the same recognition. Over time, the PE concept has broadened, allowing for greater customization. For instance, today’s brands easily tailor trademark shoes like the Jordan 31s to represent any of the 30 NBA teams. While shoe manufacturers often market these personalized designs to a broader audience, the core essence of PE sneakers remains. As we look ahead, we foresee these sneakers playing an even more pivotal role in showcasing players’ unique fashion identities.

Are PE Shoes Rare?

Yes, PE shoes are special editions the manufacturer only makes in response to specific requests from agencies or athletic associations. Even though some real PEs have subsequently been made available to the public, finding real PEs is extremely difficult.

Because of their exclusivity, PE in shoes have a unique appeal to fans. If athletes’ signature shoes like Kobes, Jordans, and LeBrons are advertised and made available to the general public, then PE shoes are truly one-of-a-kind.

PE shoes

You can’t get your hands on these shoes for the most part, as they are instead given to athletes by the shoe companies to wear during the match. These player-exclusive sneakers are fantastic value products due to their difficulty in obtaining, similar to practically other consumer goods.

Over the years, many extremely limited releases have almost instantly become collectors’ holy grails. Take the iconic Nike SB Dunk Low Paris, for example. Only 150-200 pairs of the design were made in total when it was released, making it one of the rarest pairs of trainers out there.

Who Can Wear PE Shoes? Care Tips For PE Shoes

Pe meaning in shoes are mostly worn by people who engage in highly physical activities, such as athletes. The most common field you will find these sneakers is basketball, especially in the NBA (National Basketball Association). Some of the most innovative and top-notch sneakers have been created and developed in this area.

Besides athletes, celebrities or collectors can also own one or many pairs of PE sneakers if they are lucky enough to find and purchase them. 

A case in point is Mark Wahlberg, the famous actor; you can see that he owns the signature pair of Wahlburgers Jordan Formula 23. Or R&B artist Anthony Hamilton also sports a pair of chocolate brown leather Air Jordan 9s.

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Care For PE Trainers

To keep your PE shoes meaning in the best condition, knowing how to take care of them properly is a must. Here are some key tips to follow: 

  • Make sure they are stored in a spotless, dry environment to avoid getting dirty, especially if you want to put them on display. Extremes in humidity and temperature can damage textiles, cause the leather to be brittle, and loosen glues, making climate-controlled storage the best shoe option.
  • Suppose you want to store the sneakers or travel with them rather than display them; put them in the specified dust bag, then into the shoe box. Dust bags are particularly crucial when traveling because they help stop scratches and unnecessary damage during transit.
  • Regular application of a suede or leather protectant spray is advised to ensure optimal preparation.
  • Stuff acid-free paper inside of your shoes. This type of paper is incredibly absorbent and keeps shoes at the ideal moisture level while preventing them from deteriorating.
  • Invest in professional cleaning services to guarantee your precious trainers are properly cared for.

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Some Models of PE shoes

Let’s review some of the most memorable pairs of player-exclusive sneakers in basketball history.

Under Armour Curry Flow 8

what does PE stand for in shoes

Curry’s rapid ascent to basketball stardom coincides with Under Armour’s recent success. After being signed by Under Armour in 2013, Curry created his first signature sneaker, the Curry, and joined forces with the company to launch the Curry Brand.

Nike Kobe 5 Protro

Because P.J. Tucker is known as a slave to fashion, it makes sense that his Kobe 5 Protro gives one of Kobe’s best sneakers a fashionable makeover. 

The sneaker is equipped with Flywire technology to provide the extra support required during high-stress games. Working with the Kobe 5 offers athletes a way to pay homage to the late legend on the court that goes beyond the simple sneaker release.

Air Jordan 35 Voodoo

Rising star Zion Williamson debuted the “Voodoo” version of the Air Jordan 35 while playing for the basketball team New Orleans Pelicans, drawing inspiration from folklore. 

It is frequently chosen as a PE shoe, so Williamson’s pair forgoes the traditional high-tech performance style in favor of one with a more handcrafted appearance.

PUMA Court Rider

LaMelo Ball rolled out a player edition at the beginning of 2021, putting an end to much curiosity about which sneaker he would select for his PE. The unique brilliant blue colorway is in keeping with the colorful persona he has developed as a result of his antics both on and off the court.


Which activities need PE shoes?

Player-exclusive shoes are mostly used in basketball. Still, you can also find them in other fields outside the basketball community, such as baseball, Paralympic, American football, etc.

Which clothes item should go with PE shoes?

Since the original idea behind PE shoes is for athletes, making them statement pieces in short outfits is ideal. You can pair them with shorts, joggers, or even your favorite sweatpants to achieve a dynamic, sporty aesthetic.

Are PE shoes totally safe for players?

Yes. PE shoes are safe for athletes as they specialize in going out to the field. In addition to having customized hues designed just for the team or the athlete, these sneakers are built of the best high-quality material to optimize comfort and mobility on the field.

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