Nike Pegasus 39 Review: Elevate Your Running Experience 

Are you in the market for Nike sneakers, but the vast pool of models confuses you? Our comprehensive Nike Pegasus 39 review will be of great help. Here, we will examine the product’s qualities, capabilities, and features from a world-famous brand. 

Tight up your shoes and join us as we explore the remarkable qualities that make this item a top contender in the best running shoes market.

Let’s elevate your running experience with this item and experience the thrill of running in shoes that combine style and functionality!

Overview Information 

The Nike Pegasus 39 has come to the market since 2022

Before we review the sneaker in detail, it’s best to look at this product, including its release date, weight, price, pros & cons, and customer rating.

Nike Pegasus 39
Release dateWeightPrice Rating
April 20229.9 ounces for women’s sizes 
11.3 ounces for men’s sizes.
About $1204.5/ 5
– Cushioned Comfort
– Lightweight Design
– Breathable Upper
– Versatile Performance
– Durable Construction
– Stylish Design 
– Limited Color Options
– Sizing Concerns
– Traction on Wet Surfaces

Note that the cons mentioned above are minor and may not significantly impact everyone’s experience with this item. 

It’s always recommended to try on the shoes, consider your specific needs, and read reviews from other users to make an informed decision. 

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This sneaker from Nike has both pros and cons

Nike Pegasus 39 Review 

The overall specs and outlook of the sneakers can’t tell you the whole story. That’s why we have come up with a detailed analysis below:


Zoom Pegasus 39 review is a highly regarded the best running shoe known for its exceptional performance and comfort. 

Here is an overview of its outstanding features and target audience:

Outstanding features

  • Cushioned comfort: The sneaker has responsive cushioning that provides a plush and comfortable ride, reducing the impact on your feet and joints.
  • Breathable upper: The upper material is designed to be breathable, promoting airflow and keeping your feet cool and dry during long runs.
  • Versatile performance: Whether you’re training for a marathon or going for a casual jog, this item offers versatility and adaptability to various running styles and distances.

Target audience

The Nike Pegasus 39 suits many runners, from beginners to experienced athletes. 

Its comfortable cushioning and versatile performance, make it ideal for daily training, long-distance running, or casual wear for those seeking a comfortable and stylish sneaker.

However, it has a few potential drawbacks to consider, which we will dive deeper into in the next part.

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First impressions 

Upon trying out the item, we are impressed by three key features: 

  • Responsive cushioning: The shoe’s Zoom Air unit in the forefoot delivers a highly responsive and springy feel. It provides excellent energy return with each stride.
  • Comfortable fit: Running in the shoes is pleasant and secure because of the mesh upper’s breathability and supportive fit.
  • Lightweight construction: Weighing in at just a few ounces, the sneaker feels remarkably light on the feet, reducing fatigue and enabling a faster and more effortless run.

These initial impressions of this model highlight its ability to deliver comfort, responsiveness, and style, setting the stage for a rewarding and enjoyable running experience.

The Nike Pegasus 39 first impressions are quite positive


The sneaker excels in design, shoe sole quality, style, material choice, and feeling. These features contribute to its reputation as a reliable, comfortable running shoe combining fashion and function. 

Shoe Sole

  • The shoe sole is engineered to provide exceptional performance and support. 
  • It features a durable and responsive midsole that delivers perfect cushioning and shock absorption, allowing a comfortable and smooth ride. 
  • Additionally, the outsole is made of high-quality rubber, giving runners reliable traction on various surfaces, so it’s suitable for road and trail running
  • The strategic placement of flex grooves and traction patterns enhances flexibility and grip and ensures a secure and stable stride. 
Nike Pegasus Design


  • The Nike Pegasus 39 is built for performance and boasts a stylish design. 
  • With its sleek and modern aesthetic, this running sneaker boasts the best of both worlds – function, and fashion. It features a streamlined silhouette and clean lines, creating a visually appealing look. 
  • The combination of vibrant colorways and subtle detailing adds a touch of personality and flair to the overall style. 
  • The Nike Pegasus 39 allows you to showcase your sense of style while being at ease and current with fashion, whether hitting the track or running errands!
  • Some users may feel that the available color options could be improved, which may restrict their ability to personalize the shoe to their preferred style. 

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  • The shoes are crafted with high-quality materials to ensure durability, comfort, and performance. 
  • The top is a lightweight, breathable mesh fabric that guarantees excellent airflow and ventilation while running. This maintains your feet dry and cool and reduces the chances of discomfort or irritation. 
  • The shoe features synthetic overlays strategically placed for added support and stability. Its midsole is a responsive foam that provides cushioning and energy return, enhancing your stride and running experience.
  • The brand’s selection of quality materials balances functionality and toughness so that your feet are well-supported and protected throughout your runs. 


  • This exceptional running shoe is designed to provide plush cushioning and a smooth landing with every stride. 
  • The advanced foam midsole delivers superior shock absorption, ensuring a comfortable, fatigue-free running experience. The shoe’s upper is constructed with high-quality materials that deliver a secure and snug fit.
  • The Nike Pegasus 39 guarantees its owner a rewarding and enjoyable running journey with its cushioning, responsiveness, and overall comfort.
  • On the downside, this item may exhibit a slightly reduced grip on wet or slippery surfaces, which could affect stability in rainy or wet conditions. 
  • It is vital to exercise caution and be mindful of the surface conditions when wearing the shoe in such situations.


This sneaker from Nike truly lives up to its reputation as a game-changer in the running shoe world.

Its innovative design, cushioned responsiveness, and versatile performance offer an ultimate balance of support, comfort, and speed.

This Nike Pegasus 39 review is helpful to you. Thanks, and see you around in other posts!


  1. Does the Nike Pegasus 39 provide good support for runners with high arches?

    Absolutely! The sneaker is an ideal choice for runners with high arches. The shoe is designed with specific features to provide optimal support and comfort. Its midsole features responsive cushioning that gives superior arch support and helps lessen each step's impact. By relieving strain on the arches, this element lowers the possibility of discomfort or injury. 

  2. Is the Nike Pegasus 39 true to size, or should I size it up or down?

    The shoes generally run true to size, but it's always recommended to try them on or refer to the brand's sizing chart to ensure it fits perfectly for your feet. Everyone's feet are unique, and personal preferences may influence sizing decisions. If you're uncertain, it can be helpful to see reviews from other customers who have bought the shoe to get a sense of their experiences with sizing. 

  3. Are there any notable changes in the upper design or materials used in the Nike Pegasus 39?

    Yes, the item introduces notable changes in the upper design and materials compared to its predecessor. The sneaker upper featured an updated and more breathable mesh material, allowing for enhanced ventilation and improved airflow to keep your feet cool during runs.

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