Where Are Nobull Shoes Made: Uncovering The Origin Story

In the world of Crossfit, a plethora of brands vie for attention. Industry giants like Nike, Reebok, and Under Armour compete. Many dedicated cross-trainers consistently lean towards Nobull brand. Why?

The answer lies in Nobull’s commitment to functionality and durability. Its notably flat and rigid soles also contribute. They are essential for heavy lifting.

As enthusiasts in this realm, we understand the significance of quality. But have you ever wondered where are nobull shoes made? We will discuss into the beginnings and manufacturing methods of Nobull’s premium shoes. We need to ensure that you’re investing in top-notch quality with this product. 

Let’s see where your Nobulls shoes are coming from in this article.

Where Are Nobull Shoes Made?

We’ve discovered some interesting facts about Nobull shoes in our thorough research. While all Nobull shoes are designed in the USA, their manufacturing takes place exclusively in China.

Where Are Nobull Shoes Made

This is quite a revelation. Other major shoe brands like Keen, Under Armour, Merrell, and Asics typically have manufacturing bases in multiple countries. A prime example is Clarks, which produces shoes in over eight countries.

We think to verify the origin of your Nobull shoes, you can refer to the black label on the shoe box. This label provides vital information. It includes where the shoes are designed and manufactured. Also, it shows sizing and collection details.

Specifically, Nobull’s label indicates that their shoes are designed in the USA but made in China.

Our investigation has identified Otabo as the manufacturer behind Nobull’s shoes. Otabo’s manufacturing facility is strategically located in Guangzhou, China. It is northwest of Hong Kong on the Pearl River.

Diving deeper into the connection between Otabo and Nobull, we find concrete evidence in custom records.

These records show that Otabo has shipped shoes to Nobull on two occasions in 2021-2022: once in March 2022 and previously in October 2021. Notably, the 2022 shipment weighed an impressive 1380 kg.

This detailed analysis provides clear and specific insights into the production of Nobull shoes. It highlights their design origins in the USA and their manufacturing roots in China.

Are Nobull Shoes Made In The USA?

Are Nobull Shoes Made In The USA

Nobull, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, clearly establishes itself as an American brand. However, while its designs originate in the U.S., the actual production of their shoes occurs outside the country.

What does this signify? Using “ Designed in the USA ” is often used by brands to appeal to customer sentiment. When we see a shoe labeled as such, many of us might assume it’s also made in the USA. But this isn’t necessarily the case. It simply indicates that the design work for Nobull shoes is carried out in their American office.

To be labeled as ‘Made in USA’, a product must adhere to the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) guidelines. According to these, the product must be ‘all or virtually all’ manufactured in the USA. 

This means that all significant components and processing involved in creating the shoes must originate from the U.S. The final assembly must also take place within the country.

For instance, a brand like New Balance offers some models labeled ‘Made in USA’. This indicates that the significant majority of the manufacturing process occurs domestically. This includes sourcing of parts and assembly. 

This contrasts with Nobull’s approach, where only the design aspect is based in the U.S.

Is Nobull An American Company?

Yes, Nobull is an American company.

Launched in 2015, Nobull emerged with a clear emphasis on fashion within the United States. Its foundation was marked by the vision of its founders, with its corporate headquarters strategically located in Boston.

As an established American brand, Nobull’s identity is deeply rooted in its U.S. origin. However, their design operations are based in the U.S. The actual manufacturing of their shoes does not take place domestically.

Nobull has expanded its physical presence in the United States. This reflects their commitment to accessibility and customer engagement.

According to the company’s official website, Nobull boasts three retail stores. Each is situated in a key location: Miami, New York City, and Boston.

Who Owns Nobull?

Who Owns Nobull

Marcus Wilson and Michael Schaeffer, the founders and current owners of Nobull, bring a rich history from their time at Reebok to the creation of this dynamic footwear brand. 

Both Wilson and Schaeffer held significant roles at Reebok, with Wilson leading the brand strategy and Schaeffer excelling as the global creative director.

Their journey to founding Nobull is a testament to their expertise and vision in the world of athletic footwear. 

After Wilson left Reebok, he often met with Schaeffer. They were not just colleagues, but also friends who shared a passion. The concept of Nobull was born during these meetings. It combined their collective talents and insights gained from their extensive experience at Reebok.

For example, a customer from India recently experienced higher return costs due to international shipping fees. It’s a rare situation, but it’s something to consider. This is why we encourage you to make your purchase decisions carefully and thoughtfully. However, for long-term use, you need to clean Nobull shoe it every day

Their transition from employees to entrepreneurs is a classic example of industry professionals. They took their expertise to create something unique and innovative in the competitive world of fashion and athletics. 

Their journey with Nobull reflects a deep understanding of the market and a commitment to quality and performance, all rooted in their substantial experience in the field.

Where To Buy Nobull Shoes?

Where To Buy Nobull Shoes

Nobull shoes are accessible both online and in their three retail stores across the United States.

Customers can easily purchase these shoes from Nobull’s official website or popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Poshmark, and eBay. 

While manufacturing occurs in China, the final assembly is completed in the USA. Nobull has an extensive distribution network. It is supported by warehouses in the U.S. This facilitates international shipping. Customers worldwide can purchase their products. 

This approach underscores Nobull’s commitment to global reach and customer convenience.

At Nobulls, we take great pride in our global reach. We understand the excitement of shopping from anywhere in the world.

That’s why we offer international shipping to many countries. Are you residing outside the U.S? No problem! Simply select your destination country, provide your address, and choose a payment method that works for you.

It’s important to remember, though, that international shipping can vary. Depending on your location, there might be additional costs.

For instance, our customers in Europe might pay a bit more for shipping compared to our U.S. shoppers. Also, patience is key – delivery could take a few weeks.

Did you know that an order shipped to Brazil might take up to four weeks due to local customs processes?

We also want to highlight the return policy. Returning items from abroad can be tricky, and in some cases, might not be cost-effective.


NOBULL shoes stand out as an excellent choice for those seeking style and affordability. Their dedication to ethically sourced materials and stringent quality control ensures that these shoes offer both comfort and durability. NOBULL’s extensive range of footwear caters to various occasions, making it a go-to option for many.

NOBULL shoes are ideal for fitness enthusiasts, gym regulars, or anyone in search of fashionable yet comfortable footwear. They are a match for diverse needs. If you’re in the market for high-quality shoes that are reasonably priced, NOBULL is definitely worth considering.

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